Project Zomboid launches multiplayer test server

By Tam Mageean
project zomboid multiplayer

Project Zomboid has been doing the rounds in alpha (officially, and unofficially) for quite some time now, and it seems that the next step in their development is to cater to the mmo market, by launching their first online multiplayer server, albeit a prototype one.

Up until now, the indie, isometric, zombie mashing rpg has had a single string to its bow; as an open world, zombie survival game, but the inclusion of an online multiplayer mode will bring a lot to the table, potentially creating a retro-themed DayZ.

The Multiplayer sever is very much in its early stages, and the developers at indie games studio, The Indie Stone have put it out into the aether, in the hopes that fans can find faults themselves, and do some of the troubleshooting for them.

"This is not an official public release, or even a Steam beta release. There will be bugs. If you would like a stable multiplayer server with no chance of world corruption destroying your stuff, or potential bugs that could affect your enjoyment of the game, then please wait until the official release which should hopefully not be too long."

If you'd like to check out the deadly, multiplayer world of Project Zomboid, right click on Project Zomboid on Steam and select "onlinetest" from the BETA tab in properties.

Let us know your thoughts on the Project Zomboid online multiplayer server in the comments section below.



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