Project Snowstorm Kickstarter Campaign Seeks to Launch Trilogy of Mobile MMOs

By Josh Wirtanen
Project Snowstorm Launches Kickstarter

SnowFury Studios is ambitious, to say the least.

The team is hoping to create a trilogy of mobile MMOs, and with that, a Cloud platform that other developers can use to bring more of these sorts of projects to smartphones and tablets.

SnowFury is looking to expand mobile gaming to include vast explorable 3D worlds. These are the kinds of experiences gamers expect, and the mobile platform hasn't really been able to provide that thus far.

So they started a Kickstarter. They're trying to raise $500,000 in order to fund the first piece of their game, and they have stretch goals to expand the game further. The highest stretch goal is $3 million, and at that level, SnowFury will license their MMO Cloud Platform out to third-parties.

Want to know more about the game itself? Here's a description from the official Kickstarter page: "Project Snowstorm has a vast 3D MMO world to discover and explore with your friends, an RPG storyline that changes based on your choices and actions as a player, and interactive combat where your real-time skills, reflexes and ingenuity as a gamer can shine. Mix that real-time battle system with rich mythology, ancient legends and mysterious races from strange realms, and you have a truly epic mobile gaming experience."

And there are pets, as well as PvP battles.

Intrigued? Check out the Project Snowstorm Kickstarter for the full details, and fund the project if you want to see it happen. There are some pretty sweet rewards for those who do.

Project Snowstorm Launches Kickstarter



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