Pokémon becomes a MMO with the power of Twitch

By Tam Mageean
pokemon mmo

There's been some great retro gaming phenomenons sprouting up on Twitch lately, from the SaltyBet movement to the Awesome Games Done Quick charity campaign, but the latest Pokémon project has been truly staggering.

At present, over 80,000 people are online, getting involved in what has been dubbed "Twitch Plays Pokémon", and the stream has taken a life of its own.

An anonymous Twitch streamer has hacked and mutated the Twitch comments stream, fusing it with an emulator of the classic, turn based rpg Pokémon (Red Version), originally for the Nintendo Gameboy.

Now, when you make a comment on the livestream, it becomes a Gameboy command input (ie. Up, Left, Start, B). Literally millions of gamers have stopped by to take part, with the game gradually slipping between chaos and control. At present, players are voting between anarchy and democracy as a means to control the tens of thousands of inputs that have been pouring into the improvised mmo.

Anarchy is reigning at present, as the game advances into the Team Rocket maze within Silph Co. The community is currently around 60% of their way through the game, and about to face the dreaded Team Rocket mastermind, Giovanni. Their team, at present, consists of a Lv 44 Pidgeot, Lv 22 Oddish, Lv 20 Dux and a Lv 14 Rattata.

Do you think they'll have what it takes to make it all the way up to the top of Indigo Plateau? Let us know in the comments section below.



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