Pockie Saints begins open beta

By Michael Jamias
pockie saints open beta

The Zodiac-themed fantasy MMORPG Pockie Saints breaks into open beta with a line-up of special events and giveaways.

Developer NGames said the Pockie Saints open beta will go live at 21:00 CDT (GMT-5) on July 8, or 01:00 BST July 9. It will be marked with the release of daily events for all players, as well as daily reward claims. The open beta follows the game's just-concluded eight-day closed beta.

Open beta participants should mark their calendars to attend the daily events, which range from battlefield matches (8am-9:30am CDT), to National Transport map skirmishes (9:30am-10am) and glimpses of the Golden Beach map (12:30-1:30pm and 9:0pm-10:30pm).

The Guild War feature will also be fully functional between July 9 to 11 (11-11:30am) while the Monster Siege feature can be accessed only from July 13 (11-11:30am).

Outdoor bosses will also start spawning throughout the MMO world and will refresh every three hours to be defeated anew by the players.

NGames encouraged fans to spend as much as they can on the open beta since it will only last for a week. Participants will be able to earn Star Rewards and General Rewards for their active role in the open beta.

Star Rewards and General Rewards are powerful weapons and valuable items that can be claimed while playing in the open beta. The Star Rewards can be redeemed during specific portions of the day and mainly require players to be logged on at specific times. Meanwhile, the General Rewards require players to meet several daily conditions, such as leveling up and takings part in epic battles before they can claim the General Rewards.



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