Planets³ completes its Kickstarter

By Tam Mageean
planets 3 kickstarter

There's a staggering selection of voxellated Virtual Worlds out on the mmo market right now; from traditional titles like Minecraft and CastleMiner, to flattened realms like Terraria and Starbound, and now, tuned up versions like Cube World, and upcoming title, Trove.

In the sea of "Minecraft clones", many would argue that there's no need for any more, but the mmo community has once again spoken, and proven that there's still huge demand for fresh, voxel-based environments.

The latest title to attempt to break the Minecraft mold is open-world RPG, Planets³. This weekend, they witnessed their Kickstarter campaign drawing to a successful close, accruing over $310,000 from over 10,000 supporters. Planets³ (pronounced, Planets Cube) has received a waterfall of support from it's Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter Campaigns alike, with fans crying for Valve to take it under its wing.

Unlike many open-world, voxel-based games, Planets³ combines the building and crafting experience with a true RPG experience, complete with a plot and a tangible, fully explorable world.

PlanetsCube Globe

There's a huge variety of "combat modes" to choose from, which essentially define your class, and a range of different areas on the cube-shaped planet, all with varying degrees of difficulty and unique challenges to overcome. The game will also feature a level up ability, along with technical advancements.

Now that the Kickstarter has finished, the next step for developers, Cubical Drift, is to crack on with construction, and they've already got an alpha in preparation, scheduled for this Fall and a full release projected for Fall 2015.

To find out more, check out the Planets³ Kickstarter here.



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