Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen unveils Dark Knight class

By Michael Jamias
pantheon rise of the fallen dark knight unveiled

The malevolent Dark Knight instills fear and inflicts wretched pain on his opponents.

The Dark Knight class is the first to be introduced for Brad McQuaid’s upcoming planar-meshing high fantasy MMO, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, which is currently seeking $800,000 in Kickstarter crowdfunding.

The Dark Knight class preview reveals this champion of evil as a primarily melee warrior that can cast black magics to strengthen himself while simultaneously weakening enemies.

Dark Knights wear dark plate armor, making them quite sturdy. They specialize in these Dark Knight weapons: two-handed great swords, long swords, shields, and axes. They can also use maces, spears or lances when push comes to shove.

Due to their bond with dark magics, Dark Knights have mastered the art of shadows. They can blend in and manipulate shadows to the point of being able to summon shadow sentries that follow their commands.

Dark Knights are also avid practitioners of necromancy. The most adept can even raise the dead to serve them.

In combat, those who duel against Dark Knights should be very wary about their ability to steal energy and life force, allowing them to turn around a losing fight into a crushing victory.

The preview also revealed the rpg lore behind the Dark Knights. They were able to obtain their unholy strength by training in the dark arts recorded in the forbidden martial Tome of Myraxys. In exchange for frightening power, these knights have traded in their souls and are bent on twisting the world of Terminus to their dark lords' selfish desires.



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