Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen heralds the Crusader Class

By Michael Jamias
pantheon rise of the fallen crusader class

After unocovering the malevolent Dark Knight, the makers of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen have called on the holy arms of the Crusader.

The Crusader class is the second confirmed for the currently being crowdfunded MMORPG, and he will play primarily as a dedicated tank with the option to inflict more damage by trading in his preferred shields to close-range weapons.

The Crusader is known for his proficiency in most melee weapons, making him a solid front liner. But he's also a great team player capable of casting beneficial spells based on his patron. For tank fans, the Crusader can be made into an indomitable force in the battlefield by slapping on two shields and unlocking his most powerful defensive abilities. For those with a more bloodthirsty predilection in the rpg, wielding dual swords or giant axes makes can increase his damage in sacrifice of some defense.

"A paragon of virtue, the Crusader commands the battlefield and defends the weak. Brave and bold, the Crusader is always at the front of any fray, guarding his allies against harm with armor and faith," the developers said.

The story lore also mentions a few interesting tidbits about the Crusader. First, they absolutely despise the undead and try to purge them at all costs. Crusaders are also famously loyal to whomever king or pantheon they swear allegiance. This same loyalty is what emboldens them as well as empowers them to unlock a vast assortment of benefits bestowed upon them by their patron.



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