Pantheon Kickstarter falls short

By Tam Mageean
pantheon kickstarter ends

Sadly, after a month of campaigns, reveals, deals, alliances and announcements, the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Kickstarter has ended, falling short of its $800,000 pledge target.

Designed by SOE's ex-designer Brad McQuaid, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is hoping to provide an independent platform for him and his new team at Visionary Realms Inc to create a fantasy mmo with full creative freedom. For fans of EverQuest and Vanguard, this would mean seeing more of Brad's ideas incorporated; many longing for a more complete version of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

In a last-ditch effort to summon more donations, the Visionary Realms Team removed all pledge caps from the rewards tiers, allowing unlimited purchases of any of the rewards.

Despite over 3000 pledgers coming out to support the prospective mmorpg, the Kickstarter fell some way short of its goal.

Visionary Realms has every intention of continuing the crowdfunded saga, and the end of the Kickstarter is simply being seen as a new beginning; as they move into full development mode, stating in an address to pledgers, "We already know the interest is there - now it's a matter of what we can do to make the product appealing enough to continue pledging towards".

Although you can no longer pledge on the Kickstarter page, today also marks the launch of the pledge system on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen official website, with similar reward tiers.



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