Brad McQuaid names his new mmo and spills info

By Tam Mageean
pantheon info

Brad McQuaid has been taunting and tantalizing us with his upcoming mmo for quite some time. However, at long last, we are now able to call it more than simply the "Sekret mmo", as it was first described. The EverQuest and Vanguard forefather has finally revealed the title of his project to be "Pantheon - Rise of the Fallen".

After unveiling the first concept artwork for the mmorpg yesterday, featuring Oranthel, God-King of Skyfen, it appears the seal has been broken and more and more information about Pantheon is finally spilling into our hands.

Brad has since confirmed the presence of either a Spectre or Wraith in some of the concept artwork, and has promised fans no less than 3 years of development before they can get their hands on it.

Within moments of Pantheon being announced as the games title, "Project Pantheon" made its presence known; a crack team dedicated to consolidating and analyzing the morsels of information that circulate the interwebs. Speculation on their behalf has led to a stab at what is likely to be the preliminary "Team McQuaid" that's building the mysterious mmo. The suspected squad includes Ten Ton Hammer's Ben de la Durantave, Trion's Noel Walling and Tony Vhalen Garcia and Vanguard veterans, James Rochelle and Corey LeFever.

Stay tuned to for more information as it's divulged. This is surely one to watch.



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