Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen answers to fans

By Tam Mageean
pantheon fans

It's kind of strange; for 3 straight months, Brad McQuaid and his upcoming mmo, although announced, kept things as silent as possible. 

Tiny, minor details were barely even leaked, more hinted at, and all questions went unanswered.

It seems, however, that all we were seeing was phase #1, of the Pantheon business plan, and now that the KickStarter has been announced, it's been news, news, news.

Today the Pantheon team took to Reddit for the first ever Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen "Ask Me Anything" session, to see what fans, and crowdfunding investors, wanted to know more about.

Every question under the sun was asked, and answered; from "What will you do if the KickStarter Fails?" to "What kind of features will we see, post launch?", and frankly, the answers were all pretty solid. No "Oh, you'll have to wait and see..." or "We can't talk about that yet.." answers in sight!

It would appear that Brad McQuaid and his team are greeting their community with open and honest arms, which in a crowdfunded, community driven mmorpg project like Pantheon, can only be a good thing.

Fans of Vanguard, which is scheduled to sunset shortly need look no further. Brad addressed a lot of issues and similarities between his new game and Vanguard, and with any luck, this could well be the game that everybody had hoped Vanguard would be.

The full Reddit AMA can be found here.



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