Pantheon showcases its main continent, Celestius

By Tam Mageean
pantheon celestius

Following the unfortunate collapse of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen KickStarter campaign, Brad McQuaid and his team of elite mmo developers at Visionary Realms pledged to continue, unperturbed and fulfill their vision of creating a new, vast and complex mmorpg.

The team have followed through on their promise, and have continued to work hard, over the past two weeks, to keep the project running, supported by their own, private crowdfunding campaign, instead of using KickStarter. A few new features have been presented, here and there, over the fortnight, but now; we're really starting to see the mmorpg begin to take shape, with the introduction of Pantheon's main continent, Celestius, and the lore surrounding it.

Pantheon Celestius Map

From what can be seen of the new map, there will be at least ten main settlements in Celestius and nearly twice as many landmarks and regions, from barren plains and deserts to forests, mountain ranges and wastelands. The map also suggests potential for dragon roosts, pirate-infested seas and even, possibly, a dreaded Kraken.

All of the regions, according to lore, hold their own factions, races and disputes, which paint a picture of some of the adversaries we can expect to encounter in the realm of Terminus. From Humans and Giants, to otherworldly WarWizards. Ogre Gods and empires of Orcs from overseas, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is looking to become a mighty and diverse virtual world. We can't wait to see it.



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