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WildStar 1.7.1 update goes live
WildStar shows no signs of slowing down at all. The sci-fi mmorpg has been releasing a steady stream of content and features over the last year. Now players have some more items to sink their teeth into as the WildStar 1.7.1 update is now live, bringing in leaderboards for PvE content as well as prehistoric-themed fortunes.The features of the WildStar 1.7.1 update include: New Prime Instances: Skullcano, Rage Logic, and Outpost M-13The Prime...
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May 03 2017
Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion launches
A new horror rises to threaten the city of Neverwinter in the form of a Dragonborn necromancer. Players will have their hands full in battling this new foe as the Neverwinter Shroud of Souls expansion is now live for the D&D-based mmorpg. Lukan, the last member of the Cloaked Ascendancy, accidentally released the necromancer, who controls the Shroud of Souls artifact that allows her to summon an army of wraiths.Yet the Neverwinter Shroud ...
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May 02 2017
Ashes of Creation Kickstarter starts strong
The last decade has seen mmorpg games go from focusing on multiplayer action to that of the single player. Another facet of this situation is an ever-increasing static world for the players to adventure within. A new crop of online games are rising to bring back a number of sandbox elements for greater immersion as well as getting players to actively associate with other players. One such game is Ashes of Creation, which features some intriguing ...
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May 01 2017
Dev blog reveals Conan Exiles texturing process
As gamers, we often take it for granted all the hard work and effort that goes into creating the virtual worlds we adventure in. Creating an online world that is stable for gamers to enjoy is difficult enough for the PC, but the task becomes even more complex when the game is being developed for consoles as well. A new blog post goes into details on the arduous process that developers face when completing the Conan Exiles texturing for the in-gam...
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Apr 27 2017
Guild Wars 2 legendary armor announced
For most mmo players, the armor that their character wears is very near and dear to their hearts. The best armor not only provides great stats but also looks damn cool as well. Many gamers spend countless hours running endgame raids and dungeons to get the most awesome looking sets of armor possible. The upcoming Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint update is set to scratch that cool armor itch. In a new blog post, ArenaNet goes into detail of the new Guild W...
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Apr 26 2017
Heroes of the Storm announces D.Va
The Nexus is sure getting crowded with heroes as Blizzard announces another addition to the Heroes of the Storm free mmo. Another character from Overwatch is making the jump to moba glory. Earlier today, Blizzard revealed during a livestream of the upcoming Heroes of the Storm D.Va playable hero. The livestream was done in honor of the game's impending upgrade to the 2.0 version that will add a number of changes, such as loot boxes, sprays, and n...
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Apr 25 2017
Star Trek Online contest for cabin on Star Trek: The Cruise II
There are a lot of benefits to playing Star Trek Online. A lot of players love the space combat found in the sci-fi online rpg while others enjoy visiting locations and NPCs from their favorite shows. Then there's the fact that you're associating with thousands of other players who love the Star Trek franchise as much as you do. Now a new Star Trek Online contest is giving players the chance to hang with other fans in person and meet some of thei...
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Apr 24 2017
Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 closed beta begins
The yearly branding of the Marvel Heroes free mmo has come to an end as it's now known as Marvel Heroes Omega. Once the province of PC players, the superhero-themed game is making its way to consoles. Gazillion has announced that the Marvel Heroes Omega PlayStation 4 closed beta is now live, allowing PS4 players the chance to play as their favorite Marvel characters.Of the Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 closed beta, Gazillion CEO Von Dorman says, "T...
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Apr 21 2017
Paragon reveals Revenant
Paragon has quite a few unique heroes, but now there's a really bad looking hombre looking to shoot his way into the free mmo. Epic Games have revealed the new Paragon Revenant playable hero, who is slated to become available for all players on April 25th. This new Wild West-themed hero is a ranged character who is actually an unholy melding of malevolent sprit and vicious bounty hunter. Just looking at him makes me want to yell, "Draw!" at my op...
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Apr 20 2017
Cloud Pirates launch
It's time for those who want to be scurvy scallywags to take to the skies as pirate captains. Allods and have announced that the official Cloud Pirates launch is now underway with the release of the Stronghold update for the free mmo. Early access keys are no longer needed to enjoy this game of tactical air combat between powerful pirate airships.The Cloud Pirates launch features a ton of new content as the Stronghold update is going l...
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Apr 19 2017