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Dec 26 2016

Chris Roberts discusses change in Star Citizen engine

It seems that every change made in Star Citizen or announcement by Chris Roberts is endlessly dissected and discussed. The reason for this that the development of the virtual worlds mmo has become a form of entertainment being as the game has raised more money than most AAA titles have had and the long development time taken so far. People are staked out in opposite camps with one side believing that the game is going to blow everything away when...
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Dec 22 2016

World of Warcraft announces micro-holidays

Practically every gamer loves mmo events. They provide a chance to do something different in their favorite online game and step away from the usual grind. However, a lot of events can be very lengthy and require a lot of effort to complete to grab the big prize at the end. Blizzard is looking to do a different take on World of Warcraft events for 2017. In a new blog post, they have announced upcoming World of Warcraft micro-holidays that begin i...
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Dec 21 2016

War Thunder Update 1.65 live

The Land of the Rising Sun crashes into the War Thunder mmo fps with a vengeance today with the game's latest update. Players can now fight for His Most Imperial Majesty as the War Thunder Way of the Samurai update is now live. In addition to the new Japanese tanks entering the fray, there are also new maps and features being introduced as well. The hallmark of War Thunder Update 1.65 - Way of the Samurai are the new Japanese vehicles for gamers...
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Dec 20 2016

Kinderdragons open beta begins

The common perception of dragons is that of fearsome creatures that breathe fire and are ferocious in battle. They have long served as the bane of many a group in mmo games over the years, cast usually in the role of the big boss. However, players are about to be killed by a new crop of dragons, but they're not going to be rent asunder by tooth and claw. Instead, they're going to be killed by cuteness and adorability. R2Games have announced that ...
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Dec 19 2016

DDO and LotRO leaving Turbine

A major announcement just dropped concerning two long-standing online games. For quite some time, there has been a lot of speculation on whether Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online would continue to operate in light of the recent layoffs at Turbine as well as the game company's desire to focus on the lucrative mobile game market. The good news is that both games are going to continue to operate. However, there is the DDO and ...
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Dec 15 2016

Planetside 2 Auraximas event now live

Few things say holiday cheer than the sound of gunfire and the screams of the fallen, or at least that's the case when playing an mmo fps during the holiday season. The latest Planetside 2 update is now live and brings in some cool new gear along with the Auraximas holiday event. The Planetside 2 Auraximas holiday event features the return of the enemy Snowmen to the battlefield. Players can earn some nifty xp by dispatching these frozen foes to...
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Dec 14 2016

Heroes & Generals Ihlefeld update live

As a kid, I loved watching old war movies set in World War II. The films about aerial battles really piqued my interest, but I had no desire in becoming a pilot. It was the gunners on bombers like the B-17 that really intrigued me. Now the Heroes & Generals browser mmo is giving me (and other players) the opportunity to become a tail gunner in the game's virtual world. The new Heroes & Generals Ihlefeld update is subtitled "Warbirds and T...
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Dec 13 2016

Guild Wars 2 A Very Merry Wintersday returns

There are some great things to enjoy during the holiday season, such as spending time with family and the sharing of gifts. Another awesome facet of the holidays is that gamers can enjoy some great events in their favorite online rpg. The festive event of A Very Merry Wintersday returns to the land of Tyria (Guild Wars 2) beginning today, offering some holiday-themed activities and gift-giving cheer. The Guild Wars 2 A Very Merry Wintersday event...
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Dec 12 2016

Embezzler spent $1 million on Game of War

A lot of players love to complain that free-to-play games are essentially pay-to-win. Developers do work long and hard to find ways to part gamers from their cash, and this is especially true in the highly competitive world of mobile games. A lot of players have spent giant gobs of cash to fuel the Game of War revenue, but one man took it a step farther in his quest for online domination. Kevin Lee Co reportedly embezzled $4.8 million from his jo...
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Dec 08 2016

Pantheon Twitch livestream to showcase shaman

Christmas is coming a few weeks early for those following the development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. While other games may fold up the tent when their Kickstarter campaign failed, this fantasy mmorpg just continues to chug along. Players can get a look at some fresh new content during the Pantheon Twitch livestream that will be held tomorrow at 11am PST.A blog post by Visionary Realms gives a quick overview of what the Pantheon Twitch l...
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