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Nov 25 2016

Perfect World Entertainment Black Friday sale

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. After sleeping off the turkey-induced coma from the day before, people are ready to take advantage of the many Black Friday deals that are being offered. Plenty of people have lined up at stores to have a chance at snagging some deep discounts, but mmo gamers can shop from the comfort of their own homes. A case in point is the Perfect World Entertainment Black Friday sale that encompasses the company's many games. ...
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Nov 24 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Black Cat giveaway

Thanksgiving is here for those who live in the United States, and plenty of families will gather to eat prodigious amounts of food and watch football. There is also plenty of reasons for mmo players to give thanks as well as there is going to be a slew of Black Friday deals and specials for them to partake of. Gazillion is getting into the act by offering players a heaping helping of goodness by giving them a Marvel Heroes 2016 Black Cat playable...
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Nov 22 2016

League of Legends streaming deal with MLB

It appears that League of Legends is going big league, and I mean that in a Major League Baseball way. Riot Games is close to signing a deal with Major League Baseball Advanced Media's tech unit to sell League of Legends streaming rights for two years for a whopping $200 million. This is a really big step for the insanely popular free mmo that regularly draws more than 100 million players per month.Under this new deal, League of Legends strea...
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Nov 21 2016

Pokemon Go double xp and stardust

Niantic is getting ready to celebrate the massive success of Pokemon Go later this week, and they have ample reason to do so. The mobile game based upon the beloved franchise has been a cultural phenomenon as players from all over the world have gotten off their duffs and ventured outdoors to capture those elusive critters. The game has proven to be a financial windfall, generating $600 in revenue in its first 90 days. Now the developers are look...
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Nov 17 2016

ELOA now live under new ownership

It's extremely rare for an mmo to get a second chance of life after it's been shut down, but such is the case for ELOA. Webzen had shut down the game back in October, but another game company has stepped forward to breathe new life into it. Game&Game has announced that Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) is once again playable as the game is now live as of today.The revival of ELOA is open to players in North America, South America, Europe, and...
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Nov 16 2016

Crossout Clan Wars mode

In the fevered imagination of gamers, the post-apocalypse world is filled with powerful vehicles that are fighting each other for precious resources. This Mad Max-fueled scenario has long permeated geek culture with the latest result being the Crossout free mmo. While the game is incredibly fun, offering players a huge amount of variety in creating their own personal vehicle, it's now going to get a bit more competitive. Gaijin Entertainment has ...
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Nov 15 2016

Guild Wars 2 announces A Crack in the Ice

One would think that the death of the dragon Mordremoth would have made life easier for the denizens of Guild Wars 2. However, the opposite seems to be true as the game's virtual world is in even greater turmoil as factions are popping up everywhere to claim the magic that was released by the dragon's death. ArenaNet has announced that the storyline continues in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice chapter of season three of the Living Wo...
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Nov 14 2016

Tree of Savior Harvest Festival announced

Normally one has to wait a good bit of time to see the fruits of their harvest. Such will not be the case in the upcoming Tree of Savior Harvest Festival. The online rpg will allow players to indulge their virtual green thumb by planting seeds in order to gain some nifty prizes. The Tree of Savior Harvest Festival is scheduled to begin tomorrow (November 15th) after the game's maintenance and will last through December 6th.During the Tree of ...
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Nov 10 2016

Atlas Reactor enters eSports with ESL partnership

The world of eSports now has a new player in the form of Atlas Reactor. The competitive turn-based battler is jumping into the eSports arena with both feet. Trion Worlds has announced an Atlas Reactor ESL partnership that will now allow mmorpg players to begin registering teams for the game's first tournament that begins this Saturday.The release detailing the new Atlas Reactor ESL partnership reads, "The announcement comes on the heels of a ...
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Nov 09 2016

SMITE adds Thoth

A lot of gods fighting it out in SMITE will soon find themselves being judged by the Egyptian arbiter of conflicts between good and evil. The latest patch for the free mmo sees the introduction of the playable SMITE Thoth, Arbiter of the Damned, god to the moba. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth served as the scribe of the gods, was the master of both physical and moral law, and made the calculations for the creation of the heavens, stars, and Earth. ...
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