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Early access for ESO Morrowind begins
Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise of games are rejoicing today as one of the iconic settings is making its way into the Elder Scrolls Online mmorpg. ZeniMax has announced that the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind early access has begun, which is a full two weeks before its official release date of June 6th. Players will now be able to travel to the iconic island home of the Dark Elves and partake of quite a few adventures.The features of the ...
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May 22 2017
World of Warcraft cinematic shows a grieving Anduin Wrynn
Blizzard has always done an admirable job updating the World of Warcraft lore over the years. Such attention to detail helps players really immerse themselves into the online rpg and become emotionally attached to the setting and its denizens. Recent events have led to the crowning of a new king of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn, after the death of his father on the Burning Shore. Blizzard has revealed the World of Warcraft cinematic that awaits those w...
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May 18 2017
Pirates Online Retribution open beta announced
Pirate-themed mmo games are extremely scarce, especially as Pirates of the Caribbean Online shut down almost four years ago. However, a dedicated group of developers are looking to revive that particular game, and they have just announced the date of the Pirates Online Retribution open beta. The open beta of the revamped classic mmo is scheduled for May 26th, but there are some mitigating circumstances.It seems that conflict will not just be ...
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May 17 2017
Dreadnought open beta live
Gamers looking for something different than playing a sword-wielding elf are in for a treat as they can now roam the skies in their own personal battleship, raining destruction down upon their foes. The Dreadnought open beta is now live, allowing PC gamers to join in the sci-fi mayhem in the action-packed free mmo. Who doesn't want to play a mercenary captain in charge of a million-ton vessel of destruction?The launch of the Dreadnought open ...
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May 16 2017
Ashes of Creation Q&A with Steven Sharif
To paraphrase an old game show, mmo gamers say the darndest things. Case in point is the recent Ashes of Creation Q&A with Intrepid CEO Steven Sharif that was held on the game's Discord channel by YouTuber Siigari and a host of other players. It seems that some players are keenly interested in being able to start forest fires within the game. However, that notion was shot down by Steven Sharif as he lives in San Diego, which has seen too many...
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May 15 2017
NCSoft profits for first quarter of 2017
While playing mmo games is fun, we do have to remember that they're also a business. And it appears that business isn't exactly jumping up and down with joy this year for NCSoft, the maker of games such as Guild Wars 2 and Aion. The Korean Times is reporting that NCSoft profits are down a staggering 60% in the first quarter of 2017 when compared to the same quarter last year. The reason for the downturn? Sluggish revenue from their stable of mmo ...
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May 11 2017
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter for May 2017
It's refreshing to see developers of an mmorpg actually communicate to players on a regular basis. One of the best ways to keep the player base happy is to keep them in the loop of where the game is heading and what work is being done. The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter for May does just that and gives the game's fans a solid foundation for optimism.The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter covers several topics. One ...
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May 10 2017
Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged begins
One thing that Atlas Reactor players can't do is complain that there's nothing to do in the free mmo. A whole slew of new content is being unleashed by Trion Worlds as Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged is now underway. A popular game mode returns with the new season, but the main features are a new freelancer has joined the fray and that battles can be waged on a new map.Here are some of the features of Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged: New...
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May 09 2017
Elder Scrolls Online reveals the Halls of Fabrication
A lot of Elder Scrolls Online players are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Morrowind expansion, which arrives on June 6th. The region that gamers explored in the third title of the franchise will finally be coming to the online rpg. One of the elements of the expansion is a new trial, and a developer blog released today reveals quite a few details of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Halls of Fabrication trial.The Elder Scrolls Online ...
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May 08 2017
SMITE announces the Bob Ross bundle
Gamers are used to getting the latest announcements from their favorite mmo games. Usually, such announcements are of the normal things: some new quests, bug fixes, class tweaks, and the like. Then there are times when an announcement takes you totally by surprise and has you checking the calendar to make sure it's not an April Fools Day prank. Today is when of those days as Hi-Rez announces their upcoming SMITE Bob Ross bundle.Yes, you read ...
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May 04 2017