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Magic: The Gathering mmo announced
Few games have had the impact like Magic: The Gathering has had. The game essentially invented the collectible card game genre and has been going strong for 24 years now. While there have been digital translations of the card game, there has never been a full-blown online rpg based upon it until now. Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment have announced the development of the Magic: The Gathering mmo. In the official press release, it's stated t...
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Jun 07 2017
eSports popularity rivals traditional sports
For what seems forever, the conventional wisdom has said that the popularity of traditional sports would never be supplanted. While it is true that football has replaced baseball as America's pastime, there was never any doubt that the reign of the NFL, NBA, and MLB would remain unchallenged. Now it appears that we will see a seismic shift in our lifetimes as a new study shows that eSports popularity is almost equal to that of traditional sports ...
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Jun 06 2017
Switch and Xbox One Final Fantasy 14 talks confirmed
Final Fantasy XIV has had an amazing journey as the online rpg first launched to abject failure. Since then, the game has been literally reborn and has been a huge success on the PC and on the PlayStation. Now it appears that other platforms may eventually get in on the action. Square Enix has confirmed that there are ongoing discussions to create more Final Fantasy XIV console versions, specifically for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.N...
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Jun 05 2017
Albion Online announces the Black Market
When one normally hears about the black market, images of contraband and unsavory characters come to mind. However, in the case of the newly announced Albion Online Black Market feature, such is not actually the case. This new feature makes an interesting change to loot drops within the crafting-centric mmorpg. The gist of the Black Market is that all item drops from mobs and chests will now be player-crafted.The new Albion Online Black Marke...
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Jun 01 2017
Master X Master launch date announced
It's always nice to see an mmo put a new spin on an established genre. NCSoft is doing exactly that with their Master X Master (MXM) action moba. There are some unique mechanics to be found in MXM, especially the ability for players to instantly swap between two different characters at any time. Now players will have the chance to fully try out the new game as NCSoft has announced the official Master X Master launch date of June 21st.A spiffy...
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May 31 2017
PWE announces 2017 mmo summer events
Ah, the sweet glory of summer! Sun-drenched days of no school and sitting by the pool or at the beach, sipping on a cool drink. Of course, summer runs a bit differently if you're a player of mmo games as that means there's more time to dive into your favorite online game. To allow you time to prepare on how to spend your summer days, all of the Perfect World Entertainment mmo summer events have been announced for their entire roster of games. He...
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May 30 2017
Conan Exiles answers of the week
It's refreshing to see an mmo take the time to answer player questions on a regular basis. The latest installment of Conan Exiles Answers of the Week has been posted on Reddit, which features Joel Bylos fielding a wide range of topics. The latest installment features discussion on the upcoming new biome, PvE-friendly activities like agriculture, and the creation of more physique types for role-players.One of the more interesting parts of the ...
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May 29 2017
Wild West Online refutes Sergey Titov rumors
Many things can derail the success of an mmo still in development, especially rumors that a controversial figure in the gaming industry is involved in the project. Such is the situation facing 612 Games as rumors have circulated about a Wild West Online Sergey Titov collaboration. Many gamers remember Sergey Titov as the creator of World Z, the infamous zombie survival game that became a poster child of how some games openly lie about their promi...
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May 25 2017
Black Desert Online Striker class launches
Fists of fury are definitely going to be flying in Black Desert Online. The fantasy mmorpg is seeing a new class enter the fray, and this class uses a beguiling mix of martial arts and street fighting. The Black Desert Online Striker class debuts today, becoming the 14th playable class for gamers to choose from.The Black Desert Online Striker is a hardened fighter, being forced to survive from a young age far from his native home of Calpheon....
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May 24 2017
Overwatch celebrates first anniversary
A whole lot of dancing is going on in the Overwatch mmofps, and I mean this literally. A slew of new dance emotes, skins, maps, and more has been unleashed as part of the first Overwatch anniversary celebration that started today. The action-packed shooter has been a phenomenal hit for Blizzard, and it's now time to party. Players can pick up a free Anniversary Loot Box by logging in between May 23rd and June 12th. Additional loot boxes can be pu...
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May 23 2017