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Jan 17 2017

ZeniMax claims evidence destruction in Oculus lawsuit

The ongoing Oculus lawsuit just seems to become more interesting with each new claim and counter-claim. ZeniMax is currently suing the Facebook-owned Oculus for theft of trade secrets in a multi-billion lawsuit, and they have already accused game developer John Carmack of stealing the Oculus Rift technology while he was an employee of the company. This lawsuit, while being entertaining to follow, does have the potential to affect the online rpg l...
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Jan 16 2017

Gold Coin United signs Mash

One thing about eSports is that rosters continually change. It's fascinating to see mmo players shuffled around as pro teams prep for runs at major tournaments. The latest bit of roster news is that North American Challenger Series team Gold Coin United signs Mash as an in-house substitute for its League of Legends team.Of the Gold Coin United signs Brandon "Mash" Phan news, head coach Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi told ESPN, "Mash is going to be a...
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Jan 12 2017

Black Desert Online Margoria release date announced

In the virtual world of online games, most of the action is set on dry land, leaving the waterways and oceans of the world as just barriers or places to quickly travel across. Black Desert Online is taking a different tack entirely, allowing players to partake of aquatic adventures, both above and below the surface, in the game's latest expansion. Developers have announced that the Black Desert Online Margoria expansion is slated to be released o...
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Jan 11 2017

Star Trek Online 7th anniversary announced

Players have been boldly going where no one has gone before for seven years now in the online rpg based upon the iconic Star Trek franchise. Cryptic has revealed some of the features starship captains can look forward to when the Star Trek Online 7th anniversary celebration kicks off later this month. The chief reward players can snag is a new Tier 6 Lukari Science Vessel by completing in-game missions during the event. There will also be server-...
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Jan 10 2017

Revelation Online CBT3 announced

The process of bringing Revelation Online to Europe and North America continues. has announced the date for the upcoming Revelation Online CBT3, allowing players to once again return to the magical realm of Nuanor. One of the most interesting features of the next Revelation Online closed beta test is that there are no wipes, so mmo players can use their characters from the previous betas without any worries.The Revelation Online CBT3 w...
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Jan 09 2017

Star Trek Online introduces the Tzenkethi

A new alien race is soon set to enter Star Trek Online and cause lots of headaches for players. Cryptic has revealed that the mysterious Tzenkethi are set to enter the sci-fi mmorpg. These reptilians have been plucked from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and have once fought a war against the Federation. The alien race was never actually seen in the series, but they have been mentioned in the game during the Echoes of Light episode. A new developer bl...
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Jan 05 2017

SMITE announces The Morrigan

The battlefields of SMITE are about ready to be hit with a hefty dose of Celtic power. The free mmo of battling gods has featured quite a few diverse pantheons, ranging from Egyptian to Greek to Mayan, and it's now time for Celtic deities to get into the action. During the current Hi-Rez Expo, it was announced that the new SMITE The Morrigan, Phantom Queen, playable hero will be added to the game's roster with the next patch. The addition of the...
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Jan 04 2017

WildStar reveals Power of the Primal Matrix features

A big heaping helping of fresh new content is coming soon to WildStar with a new update, and mmorpg players have a lot to look forward to. Carbine Studios released today some of the key features of the WildStar Power of the Primal Matrix update that is hitting the test server next week. There's a new dungeon full of dangerous foes, but the main part of the update is the new alternative advancement system for level 50 players. The features reveal...
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Jan 03 2017

Lord of the Rings Online course begins

One of the hallmarks of a great online rpg is a deep and compelling lore that serves as a solid foundation. Most players would agree that the online game that features the greatest amount of lore is Lord of the Rings Online. The game is very faithful to the vision of J.R.R. Tolkien, who wrote many works breathing life into the realm of Middle-Earth (not to mention actually creating the Elvish language). Now gamers can dive more deeply into this r...
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Jan 02 2017

DCUO Open Episodes event extended

The new year has been rung in, but holiday cheer can still be found for mmo gamers to enjoy. Daybreak has decided to give players an extra present by extending the DC Universe Online Open Episodes event that has been going on for the last six weeks. To help armchair superheroes celebrate the upcoming sixth anniversary of the game, the DCUO Open Episodes event will be extended until January 31st, giving players another full month to dive into a to...
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