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Feb 15 2017

John Smedley joins Amazon Game Studios

The last eighteen months have been quite eventful for John Smedley. The online rpg legend who helped create EverQuest was the victim of a notorious hacking group and then left Daybreak Games Company (formerly SOE), of which he was president and CEO. He then formed his own company, Pixelmage Games, which he shut down a month ago. Now he's back in a big way as news that John Smedley joins Amazon Game Studios has been released.John Smedley has j...
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Feb 14 2017

Star Trek Online Agents of Yesterday console launch

For the longest time, the standard bearer for sci-fi was the original series of Star Trek. Many Trekkies were raised watching the series on syndication, which was eventually followed by numerous movies and new TV series. Star Trek Online recently brought the era of the original series back to the free mmo, bringing a smile to older players and introducing younger players to the glory of brightly colored velour uniforms. Now console players can ta...
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Feb 13 2017

Team NP wins 2017 Dota 2 Asian Championships Americas Qualifier

With the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships just a scant few months away, one team of mmo warriors have punched their ticket to the tournament. Team NP won the grand finals of the Americas Qualifier by defeating Digital Chaos by a final tally of 2-0, thus earning them a spot in Shanghai.The qualifier for the 2017 Dota 2 Asia Championships pitted Team NP against Digital Chaos. In both games, viewers watched the return of the Vanguard Invoker build...
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Feb 09 2017

Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish announced

The number of Neverwinter skirmishes is set to be increased by one when The Cloaked Ascendancy expansion goes live later this month for the fantasy mmorpg. This new skirmish looks to march to a different beat than the others, and one of the key factors is that it's been designed to be fun. Players better be getting ready to roll to disbelieve as Cryptic has revealed some features of the upcoming Neverwinter Illusionist's Gambit skirmish.Crypt...
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Feb 08 2017

Guild Wars 2 The Head of the Snake now live

You would think the crisis of facing two elder dragons would be enough for the denizens of Guild Wars 2, but then there are always other factions that look at such events as an opportunity. Such is the case in the fantasy mmorpg where a faction looks to bring down Queen Jennah once and for all. The new Guild Wars 2 The Head of the Snake update is now live and is the latest chapter in Season 3 of the Living World storyline.The core components ...
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Feb 07 2017

League of Legends Faker livestream sets record

There are times when reality does not live up to expectations, or as Spock said in Star Trek, "You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting." Such was the sentiment expressed by some mmo players watching the first Twitch livestream by the legendary League of Legends Faker. The very first Faker Twitch livestream was a huge event, and it broke the record of livestream viewers as more than 245,000 concurrent viewers tuned...
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Feb 06 2017

World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials

Last night saw an historic Super Bowl played between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, which ended in either despair or elation depending upon the team you were rooting for. One of the highlights for most viewers is to watch the commercials that are shown and cost an estimated $5 million to air for a 30 second spot. In the past, companies trotted out some very innovative and funny commercials, but the crop of commercials over the last...
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Feb 03 2017

Pantheon race and class combos revealed

Two of the most important criteria when creating a character in an online rpg are race and class. A lot of online games have certain restrictions upon classes determined by race (as well as gender) while others do not. Over the years, a standard for this race/class combo has emerged, with a hefty dose of inspiration from pen-and-paper role-playing games like D&D. The Pantheon class and race combinations have been revealed today in a handy mat...
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Feb 02 2017

Gigantic Eternal Dawn update announced

One of the interesting trends in mmo games over the last couple of years is seeing full updates released while the game itself is still in open beta. The ongoing soft launch trend continues unabated as Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga announce the upcoming Gigantic Eternal Dawn update that is launching later this month. One of the key features of the update is the new Gigantic Zandora playable hero.The overall features of the Gigantic E...
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Feb 01 2017

Paragon's Aurora now live

A definite chill can be felt within the battlefields of the Paragon free mmo. A new combatant has entered the lists as the playable Paragon Aurora hero is now live for players to use. Aurora is an elusive, crowd control specialist who can manipulate the cold to her advantage, and she can take control of the battle by freezing her enemies with her cold-based abilities.The powers of the new Paragon Aurora hero include: Frozen Simulacrum (RMB/R...
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