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Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark opens
Adventurers looking to escape the scorching summer heat and life-or-death questing now have a place to cool off and have some fun. The new Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark is having its grand opening as part of the Terrmian Festival. This fun-filled waterpark can be found in the online rpg on the coastline near Olvia and is filled with thrilling quests and mini-games to quench players' thirsts.The Black Desert Online Terrmian Waterpark ...
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Jul 12 2017
Trove Sunfest 2017 announced
While traveling throughout the colorful virtual world of Trove is a treat in of itself, it's always more fun while doing so on a mount. Players will now have a greater opportunity to get their greedy little mitts on a whole slew of mounts during the Trove Sunfest event that Trion Worlds has recently announced. Players can log in every day during the event, which runs from July 12th through July 24th, to gain a free Golden Ticket Chest, and the po...
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Jul 11 2017
World of Warships High School Fleet ships
Some fans are hard pressed to find more ways to get anime into their lives, but fortunately for mmo players, World of Warships is offering a way to get some anime-inspired action while cruising the virtual seas of the online wargame. Players can now purchase the World of Warships High School Fleet ships that have just cruised into the game.The two new World of Warships High School Fleet ships come with commanders and voices (commanders and ex...
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Jul 10 2017
Overwatch Doomfist origin trailer released
A powerful new hero is getting closer to joining the Overwatch roster. Doomfist has pounded his way into the PTR for the mmo fps, which means he'll eventually make his way into the main game itself. To commemorate his arrival, Blizzard has released an Overwatch Doomfist origin trailer showing the bad, bad dude in action. Fun fact: the real name of Doomfist is Akande Ogundimu.The new Overwatch Doomfist character uses a cannon gauntlet as his w...
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Jul 06 2017
Neverwinter Summer Festival returns
Summer is an awesome time for mmo players. One, being out of school gives them more time to play their favorite online games. Second, there are a lot of summer-themed events that pop during these lazy dog days, and one of the best summer events is almost here. Cryptic has announced that the Neverwinter Summer Festival is slated to begin tomorrow, July 6th, at 7am PT (PC) and 10am PT (console) and last through July 20th.There are a lot of thin...
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Jul 05 2017
EVE Online Project Discovery: Exoplanets
EVE Online is definitely one of the crunchier sci-fi mmo games on the market today, with some people referring to it as a spreadsheet-in-space. However, this is one of the reasons why it has attracted such a devoted following over the years and is still standing strong as a subscription-based game. Now the considerable resources of the players' brains are set to be used to help real world astronomers. The next phase of the EVE Online Project Disc...
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Jul 04 2017
Elder Scrolls Online Plus trial announced
There's nothing like a free offer to tempt an mmo player into upgrading their subscription level with an online game, which is what ZeniMax is hoping for. They have announced that they will be offering a free Elder Scrolls Online Plus trial for non-subscription players to give them a taste of the full game for a limited time. What is interesting is that there's no strings attached and they really mean a full free trial of ESO Plus membership....
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Jul 03 2017
Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer leaving Marvel Heroes Omega
There are times when comic book heroes finally fall or are written out of continuity. An online version of this situation is happening with Marvel Heroes Omega. The superhero-themed free mmo is quietly shedding some of its most well known heroes. Gazillion posted a notice that the Marvel Heroes Omega Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer characters will no longer be available to be purchased in the game.The post detailing this Marvel Heroes Omega ...
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Jun 29 2017
Warframe Chains of Harrow update launches
It's always a good thing when an update for an online game also includes enhancements to older features. The Warframe Chains of Harrow update that launches today not only introduces the new dark priest-themed Harrow warframe to the mmo fps, but it also comes with new visuals for Earth. Now players can marvel at the improved graphics as they blow their enemies away.The Warframe Chains of Harrow update features a new quest for those who have co...
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Jun 28 2017
Trove Megalithic update launches
There's nothing like an invasion of dinosaurs to get the creative juices flowing. Of course, we're talking about such an invasion within the confines of the virtual worlds of Trove and not in real life. It's a safe bet to say that if dinosaurs began rampaging around the streets of New York or Dallas, people would be freaking out and not figuring out ways to tame them to be really cool mounts. The new Trove Megalithic update is now live for the wo...
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Jun 27 2017