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Apr 05 2017

University of Utah offering eSports scholarships

The conquest of the world by eSports continues unabated. The number of gamers playing competitive mmo games continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the same can be said for the tens of millions who regularly watch tournaments from around the world. Playing video games can now help pay your way through college, making the admonishments given by parents over the years factually wrong. Case in point is that the University of Utah is now offering eSpo...
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Apr 04 2017

Heroes and Generals Basic Training update

It's quite common for most mmo fps players to immediately jump into the thick of action, usually to less than desirable results. A lot of shooters are quite guilty of offering only the barest minimum of a tutorial to familiarize their players with how to play the game, which can lead to some frustration and quick deaths. The new Heroes and Generals Basic Training update looks to remedy this situation for its players by offering combat and tactica...
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Apr 03 2017

Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary event

It's hard to believe, but it's been three years since Elder Scrolls Online officially launched. Many gamers, myself included, wondered if a true mmorpg could be created that captured the feel of the single-player franchise, but those fears have long been dispelled. Now players can help celebrate the Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary by partaking of some tasty virtual cake.The Elder Scrolls Online third anniversary event finds Chef Donolo...
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Mar 30 2017

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival begins

It's time for mmo players to jump with joy. The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival kicks off today. Players can once again partake of Moto's fabulous creation, the retro-themed Super Adventure Box. This game-within-a-game has proven to be one of the most popular activities ever released for Guild Wars 2.The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival allows players to enjoy the platform jumping action of the Super Adventure Box. This whimsical e...
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Mar 29 2017

Secret World Legends announced

Score one for the rumor spreaders. There has been speculation that The Secret World, the horror/conspiracy mmorpg, would be transitioning to a free-to-play title. The original game was subscription-based but eventually changed their revenue model to buy-to-play. Well, Funcom has announced that The Secret World will relaunch as a free-to-play game called Secret World Legends.Of the move of The Secret World relaunch as Secret World Legends, Fun...
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Mar 28 2017

2017 World of Tanks Grand Finals taking place in Russia

Competitive gamers looking to showcase their World of Tanks supremacy might want to brush up on their Russian vocabulary. Wargaming has announced that the upcoming World of Tanks Grand Finals will be taking place in Russia in just a few short months. The top twelve teams for the mmo fps will gather in Moscow in May to battle for a prize pool totaling $300,000.The group stages for the World of Tanks Grand Finals 2017 will be streamed on May 23...
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Mar 27 2017

World of Tanks War Child charity drive

While not often heralded, gamers are a generous crowd that often donates to various charities. Last year, Wargaming decided to partner with the War Child charity to raise funds that will help children who have been affected by war. A World of Tanks War Child charity drive was begun, in which players of the popular mmofps could buy special emblems and packages. A full 100% of Wargaming's share was given to War Child, and they are now proud to repo...
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Mar 23 2017

Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event begins

Some of the best events in Neverwinter history are returning to the fantasy-based online rpg today. Players will begin visiting the Burrow Dawn Inn again to be run through the wringer by Flabbergast and Mr. Snibbly as the Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master event is now live. This event brings back both Respen's Marvelous Game and Portobello's Campaign, which bring the joy of tabletop gaming to the online game. The Neverwinter Day of the Dunge...
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Mar 22 2017

Pokemon Go Water Festival begins

Spring is in the air, which means that you won't freeze your buns off hitting the surf. It's also a great time to fire up Pokemon Go and venture outdoors to capture some more of those elusive critters. Now players of the mobile game can enjoy some increased chances of snagging some water-type Pokemon as the Pokemon Go Water Festival is now underway. It's time to put on those swimming trunks and flip-flops and head to the beach.A new developer...
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Mar 21 2017

Lord of the Rings Online Update 20 now live

The last major battle in Tolkien's masterpiece has finally come to Lord of the Rings Online. Standing Stone Games, who now controls the fantasy mmorpg, announces that Lord of the Rings Online Update 20: Battle of the Black Gate is now live for players to dive into. This update features over one hundred new quests and deeds that lead up to the climatic battle between the forces of Sauron and Aragorn.The features of Lord of the Rings Online Upd...
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