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Sabaton joins World of Tanks
The World of Tanks mmo fps has forged a number of relationships over the years. One of the more notable collaborations has been with The Tank Museum in the UK to help keep the history of armored warfare alive. Yet the most intriguing pairing is the World of Tanks Sabaton collaboration that has yielded a new music video and an interesting in-game appearance from the heavy metal band.The World of Tanks Sabaton collaboration can be seen in the n...
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Aug 16 2017
Gigantic Corruption update launches
The mmo equivalent of that sweet new car smell is the addition of new features and heroes that come as part of an update or expansion. Such is the case today with the latest update to Gigantic going live. Players can look forward to enjoying a new hero, who introduces an entirely new set of tools to the battlefield, and some new features found within the Gigantic Corruption update.The features of the Gigantic Corruption update include: New H...
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Aug 15 2017
Dutch soccer player wins League of Legends lawsuit
It's a fact that mmo games often take inspiration from books, movies, and even other games. Where would online fantasy gaming be without Dungeons and Dragons, which, in turn, was built upon the foundation of writings like J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard. Of course, there is a difference between "inspiration/homage" and using a person's likeness, which was the case in a recent League of Legends lawsuit where retired soccer player Edgar Davids ...
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Aug 14 2017
Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire preview weekend announced
Guild Wars 2 took everybody by surprise a couple of weeks ago when they announced their upcoming Path of Fire expansion. It took three years for the fantasy mmorpg to get its first expansion, Heart of Thorns, but now players can enjoy the second expansion after just two years. Even more intriguing is that the wait time between the announcement and launch for the expansion is only two months. There are some great new features to be found in the up...
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Aug 10 2017
ELOA shutting down again
It's quite rare for an mmorpg to get a second chance at life, but Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) was one of those rare games that did. Game&Game picked up the fantasy mmo after Webzen had dropped it last October. That second life was apparently short-lived as news of ELOA shutting down yet again have been officially posted by the publisher.Game&Game dropped the bombshell of ELOA shutting down in a very short post on the game's news pag...
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Aug 09 2017
Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Crystal Sale
There are a lot of ways that mmo games can inform players about an upcoming sale. Players might see a press release about the sale or an upbeat post on the game's forums. However, the absolute best way has just been shown by Hi-Rez Studios as they tout their Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Crystal Sale, which starts today. Prepare to enjoy some cheesy glory as the sale is announced as a used car TV commercial.The Paladins Biz-King's Blowout Cryst...
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Aug 08 2017
Albion Online suffers DDoS attacks
The developers of Sandbox Interactive were looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend to watch Albion Online players enjoy the crafting-centric online rpg. In the same vein, the weekend offered gamers the opportunity to escape the humdrum of the real world for a bit and enjoy some virtual adventures while engaging in some PvP and the stockpiling of resources. Those plans were all dashed due to a series of Albion Online DDoS attacks that went on thr...
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Aug 07 2017
Star Trek Online announces addition of LeVar Burton
Like many Trekkies, I wish I was attending the Star Trek Las Vegas convention instead of sitting at home. Cryptic is holding court at the Leonard Nimoy Theater to discuss what mmo players can look forward to in Star Trek Online, and there's quite a bit. The most important tidbit is the Star Trek Online LeVar Burton news that was just announced. The character of Geordi La Forge will be featured prominently in two upcoming episodes.The whole St...
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Aug 03 2017
Overwatch Summer Games returning for 2017
The days of summer are slowing ticking away, meaning that school is looming ever closer for many people. Fortunately, there's still one fun-filled mmo event on the horizon that will provide some mayhem and entertainment before the real world comes crashing back in. Blizzard just announced that the Overwatch Summer Games are coming back and are set to begin on August 8th.As for this year's Overwatch Summer Games, it appears that the developers...
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Aug 02 2017
Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire announced
It took three full years before Guild Wars 2 saw its first expansion, but the mmo is moving a lot faster when it comes to their second one. ArenaNet today announced that players can look forward to the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion that is slated to be released in less than two months from now. It's kind of mind-boggling not to have months and months of hype and sneak peeks offered up about this expansion, but I'm sure players are ...
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Aug 01 2017