OUYA Gets Its First MMORPG

By Josh Wirtanen
OUYA Gets Its First MMORPG

The OUYA was originally funded by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, having raised over $8.5 million. People were excited about the future of indie gaming, and this open source Android-based console seemed like it would provide a fantastic option for new indie studios to make a splash.

However, the console shipped late for many of its early backers, arrived with an embarrassing heap of shovelware, and earned several scathing reviews.

OUYA is working hard to make up for all of this right now. On the heels of their announcement that they would be giving early adopters $13.37 in store credit as an apology, they announced the console's very first MMORPG, Order & Chaos Online.

Order & Chaos Online isn't a brand new game, as it originally launched back in 2011, and it looks like it takes an enormous amount of inspiration from World of Warcraft. Still, for OUYA owners, this means there is finally a game on the console that has some real meat to it. And really, the OUYA's business model of "Every game must have a free-to-play component" just begs for something like this.

Order & Chaos Online is available on the OUYA right now. Perhaps early backers will be putting that $13.37 store credit to good use.

Order & Chaos Online on OUYA



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