Creature Mode, crafting system skulk into Nether

By Michael Jamias
nether creature mode crafting system

Phosphor Games Studio is pushing Nether players to slick new survival methods with the release of the Creature Mode and crafting system.

When players activate the Creature Mode, they get to transform into the enemy itself: A nether. Players will be experience first-hand the powers of these teleporting creatures, and use them to stalk targets in the post-apocalyptic MMORPG world.

Meanwhile, the new crafting system enables players to scavenge for materials and create their own weapons. The system is set up to reward player ingenuity and resourcefulness with items that help them forge on in Nether.

Whether used for self-defense or abused to stock up on supplies (you can trade the crafted arms in Safe Zones), the crafting system is meant to make it easier for players to defend themselves in even the most unforgiving game areas.

“The main focus of any survival game is to see how long someone can last before biting the dust, but what makes for a rich playing experience are added elements that challenge players on another level,” said Chip Sineni, Creative Director for the survival online rpg.

“With creature mode and crafting, we are giving players these added components that not only make surviving more exciting, but also gives fans new ways to explore the city.”



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