Naruto Saga begins closed beta

By Michael Jamias
naruto saga closed beta start

Naruto Saga will be holding a week-long closed beta test run from October 23-29.

During this time, closed beta participants can take a crack at the team combat turn-based MMORPG. Just like in the anime and manga series, Naruto Saga teams consist of three characters, each empowered with four active skills and two passive skills.

Players will be able to build up their roster of ninja characters by completing quests of every kind, but the roster has a limit of 10 ninja characters so you will have to recruit wisely. In between battles, you can switch team members in your three-person unit depending on the opponent.

Did you get a pass for the Naruto Saga closed beta? Congratulations, and be sure to keep these policies in mind as you test out the action online rpg.

First, Golden Beans can be converted to Naruto Saga Ingots at a rate of 40 Ingots for every Golden Bean.

Second, open charging system has already gone live. Use it to top-up and add funds to your account. If you top-up during the closed neta, you will be given extra rewards in the open beta.

Third and last reminder is that there is a likely chance of a data wipe. Closed beta players will be informed two days before the end date whether or not to delete their data, to enable a transfer of their information to the Open Beta.

Interested players can register for free now at the official Naruto Saga website.



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