MU Rebirth features revealed: Fast leveling and rebirth option

By Michael Jamias
mu rebirth features fast leveling rebirth

Discover the standout features of free to play mmo maker Webzen's newest title, MU: Rebirth.

MU: Rebirth is technically a tweaked version of MU Online, but with faster leveling, a rebirth option, free items and more focus on PvP.

These four MU: Rebirth features will be the core appeal of MU: Rebirth, and seems like a strategy to capture both casual and hardcore gamers.

Casual gamers will of course be drawn to the supersonic leveling promised in MU: Rebirth, with players able to reach the level 400 cap in an incredible pace of just one or two hours. Talk about fast.

MU: Rebirth will also carry a Rebirth feature -- the MMO equivalent of the "new game plus" feature in console rpg games -- where players can convert their level 400 characters back to level 1 but carrying over their previous stats. This allows their character to power up even more by accumulating more points during the repeat leveling process.

MU: Rebirth also opens up the item shop for free players willing to grind. Players will be able to earn item shop currency while playing the game and use it to redeem weapons and armor.

PvP will also become a major focus in MU: Rebirth. It plans to host a "massive" global PvP tournament with cash prizes, details of which will be announced next week on July 3.

A day after the PvP cash tournament unveiling, on July 4, the MU: Rebirth closed beta will officially commence.

Watch the MU Rebirth closed beta trailer below:



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