Games Workshop tries again with Mordheim: City of the Damned

By Tam Mageean
mordheim announced

One of the most doomed, most rebooted and most heartbreaking franchises in the history of mmo games has been the rising and falling Warhammer family. Due to licensing issues, gameplay issues and all-out studio abandonment, Warhammer mmo titles are frequently appearing and the sinking back into the nether, year by year.

It's getting to the point that any new and coming mmo games emblazoned with the Warhammer pennant are instantly met with skepticism and hurt feelings. Hopefully, with Mordheim, things are going to change.

Focus Home Interactive, developers of Action RPG, Bound by Flame and murder-mystery classic, Sherlock Holmes - Crimes and Punishments have announced their new turn-based tactical rpg - Mordheim: City of the Damned, returning the Games Workshop brand to the competitive straregy scene.

Mordheim screenshot

Unlike most Games Workshop backed titles, Mordheim doesn't carry the GW banner, but still maintains the lore and pedigree of its tabletop origins.

Mordheim, as a tabletop game, is a fast and furious variant of Games Workshop's Warhammer range, set 500 years before the Warhammer Fantasy series and focusing much more on snappy, skirmish-style battles, rather than long-game tactics and campaigns.

Judging by the first batch of screenshots from the recent Mordheim announcement show some promising, possibly MOBA inspired roles and some gloomy, dark-fantasy visuals. Let's hope this one plans to stick around.



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