Monkey King Online swings into alpha test

By Michael Jamias
monkey king online alpha test start

A Monkey King MMO appears!

Even we were caught by surprise when R2Games announced the start of the Monkey King Online alpha test. With little pre-hype promotions, the MMO studio is suddenly giving fans a glimpse at their upcoming free online rpg based on the Chinese epic mythology, Journey to the West.

Monkey King Online wallpaper

According to the press release, the Monkey King Online alpha test version will be available to play for just over three weeks until April 14. It will offer a decent amount of content to alpha testers, including "a wide variety of quests, events and PvP challenges."

Sign-ups are ongoing at the official website.

Interested alpha testers should know that all character data after the alpha test will be wiped, so there's little point getting attached to whichever of the four available champions you choose to roll.

But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your time checking out the cool combat concepts in Monkey King Online.

See, players will take on the role of one of four heroes, including the namesake Monkey King. On top of the "hard-hitting real-time combat", players will be able to transform into a powerful deity called an Immortal.

Other planned features include team dungeons, multiplayer modes, competitive arena tournaments, and territory battles between guilds vying for control over a kingdom.



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