MMOPlay Heads to E3 2013

By Josh Wirtanen
MMOPlay Heads to E3 2013

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is heading to sunny Los Angeles to bring the games industry and games press together for a week of new game reveals, playable demos, developer interviews, and, of course, the PS4 and Xbox One. This is simply the biggest news event in gaming. But what about MMOs? Oh yes, those will be there too.

In order to keep our readers up to date on all the rumblings in the MMO world, we'll be attending E3 this year, bringing you the news straight from the mouths of the people who make them. We've already logged into our favorite MMOs one last time to say goodbye to our characters for the week, and we're now ready to head to L.A. to dig into some up and coming titles.

Stay tuned to MMOPlay all week long for regular updates about all things MMO-related at E3 2013.

MMOPlay Heads to E3 2013



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