Meridian: New World slated for second-quarter 2014 release

By Michael Jamias
meridian new world release q2 2014

In the meantime, fans can nibble on these confirmed details for the sci-fi RTS.

Headup Games has announced that development for the indie RTS title Meridian: New World has gone on for roughly two years, and that it will take probably another year for the game to become release-ready.

With the Meridian: New World release date firmed up, Headup Games said it will be presenting the game's current working version to the media at Gamescom to be held on August 21-25.

Meridian: New World has been confirmed as single player sci-fi strategy game and not an MMORPG, and will have a strong focus on storytelling.

Player will put themselves in the combat boots of Daniel Hanson, the commander of the first expedition sent to mysterious planet Meridian.

Developers said that Meridian: New World will offer "countless options to devise your own strategy, including various equipment options for your units and special abilities for you to rely upon" as you uncover the many secrets of Meridian.

Aside from straight-up combat, players have the option to use covert ops to sabotage enemies and shut down their production. Another path to dominance is to focus all efforts on research in order to churn out superior weapons and acquire sepcial abilities that can defeat all opposition.

Developers also confirmed that there will be a full level editor and scripting tool for player-built campaigns.



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