Melpharia March opens for Pre-Registration!

By Tam Mageean
melpharia march beta

Fans of Fantasy Earth! Square Enix Japan has announced that its upcoming title, Melpharia March has opened its doors for the beta pre-registration! Melpharia March is going to be released for all iOS devices as a free rpg in mid-late September.  

The game will include characters from the cult classic mmo, Fantasy Earth: Zero, who will be at your command, combining card-play and tactical defense styles that we’ve already grown to love in Square Enix’s iOS games. You will place your heroes across the board and defend from intruders that are scrolling in, as mini-mobs, from off-screen. 

Line tactical defense games like this are guaranteed time-killers; it'll likely be the kind of game you can comfortably boot up and play whenever you have a spare 5 minutes, wherever you are.  With a deep storyline, cutscenes, card-play, shonen/sentai animations and, reportedly, a kick-ass soundtrack, it’ll be perfect for keeping boredom at bay!

Melpharia March player card

Judging by the screenshots, the game will feature various team-strategy job-roles; just like its Fantasy Earth cousin, and you’ll be able to upgrade your arsenal of units via micro-transactions.  Lee Juno explained at Famitsu Connect’s Square Enix panel, “I want you to be able to play within the FEZ family at home, alone or on the go”. 

It's clear that the FEZ style has been carefully studied for this iteration, so that it complements the original game, and has the same overall look and feel, despite being a completely different game.

melpharia march screenshot

Although there hasn’t been any talk of opening this RPG out to other regions, or even to the Android platform, Square Enix's mobile games have been becoming more and more diverse and multi-platform as they’ve progressed, so fingers crossed!

You can sign up for the Melpharia March Open-Beta here 

Be sure to share with your friends; the more support it gets, the sooner we'll get another Fantasy Earth title!



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