Man Kills Son Over Online Gaming Addiction

By Jeff Francis
Man kills son over online addiction

In news that will surely find its way to being reported in a sensational manner, a French man has killed his son over an online gaming addiction. This sad state of affairs occurred in the small village of Luc-sur-Orbieu in the southern part of France on Monday evening.

The police reports state that a 43 year old father got into a heated argument with his 23 year old son at the family's holiday home. The argument was over the son's addiction to mmo games, and that it escalated to the point where the father grabbed his son by the throat and accidentally strangled him. The father called the police, who then arrested the father on suspicion of murder once they arrived.


This is a sad and tragic story, but it'll be interesting to see how it is reported in the press. Any time some horrific act occurs and it's somehow connected in any way to an mmo, the media will then speculate endlessly on such a connection. We'll most likely get reports on how playing online games is bad, or at the very least, weird. What will most likely not be reported is that the son appears to have had serious psychiatric disorders that required medication. It could be possible that such disorders were the reason for his online gaming addiction, and not the games themselves. We hope that the media will do their due diligence, but it is highly probable that they'll go the standard sensationalist route. No matter the underlying reasons for the addiction, the fact is that a tragic event occurred that shouldn't have happened.



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