Perfect World Entertainment Announces Magic: The Gathering MMO

By Jeff Francis
Magic: The Gathering mmo announced

Few games have had the impact like Magic: The Gathering has had. The game essentially invented the collectible card game genre and has been going strong for 24 years now. While there have been digital translations of the card game, there has never been a full-blown online rpg based upon it until now. Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment have announced the development of the Magic: The Gathering mmo. In the official press release, it's stated that the game is an rpg, but it has been confirmed that it will actually be an mmo.

Magic: The Gathering planeswalker

"It’s Magic: The Gathering like you’ve never experienced before," said Bryan Huang, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. "We are ecstatic about the direction of the game Cryptic has been shaping. It’s always been a dream of ours to bring Magic’s Planeswalkers to a modern RPG."

"This game is an exciting part of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic Digital Next initiative to extend gameplay beyond the tabletop, and we’re proud to work with the talented team at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to bring the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to life," said David Schwartz, Wizards of the Coast Vice President of Digital Publishing.

"Everything from the graphics to the gameplay is being targeted for a truly unique AAA game," said Stephen D’Angelo, CEO of Cryptic Studios. "We’re thrilled to provide Magic fans with an opportunity to explore the game’s worlds and characters through an entirely new lens. Get ready to embark on a brand new journey."

It makes perfect sense for PWE and Cryptic to handle the development of a Magic: The Gathering mmo after their massive success with Neverwinter. The companies have worked quite well with Wizards of the Coast in following the ongoing storylines for the current D&D pen-and-paper rpg and adapting them for Neverwinter. Production for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering mmo is being handled at the Los Gatos headquarters of Cryptic Studios.

Personally, I have a lot of high hopes for the game. The world of M:TG has been steadily built up over the last two decades, so there's a surprising amount of lore to be drawn upon. Are you looking forward to playing a Magic: The Gathering mmo? Let us know in the comments below.



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