Lifeless releases its first trailer

By Tam Mageean
lifeless trailer

Zombie survival sandboxes are, without a doubt, the mmo du-jour right now. Starting with the whirlwind success of Day Z, gamers have wanted more and more options when it comes to multiplayer, online survival horror.

Next up on the zombified mmofps front, we have Lifeless, which has began to claw its way out of the earth, and heading to the nearest town; in search of delicious, gamer brains.

What started as a humble, (and sadly, unsuccessful) Indiegogo campaign has gone on to become a vast and thriving, zombie infested mmo, that may even come Oculus Rift capable.

From what can be seen in the new Lifeless trailer, the zombie survival mmo is taking inspiration from all of the greats. With a Dead Island level of focus on first person melee attacking, tied in with the multiplayer mechanics of left for dead, the open world of Day Z and, interestingly, the crafting and gathering typically associated with Minecraft, you'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to check Lifeless out, and see how it measures up.

Prior to this trailer, the team over at RigidSoft have been hiding in the shadows for some time now, but hopefully their recent reanimation means that we're getting closer to seeing that alpha test, that has been lurking on the horizon.



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