League of Angels releasing before year ends

By Michael Jamias
league of angels 2013 release

The developers of League of Angels will spend these final two months of 2013 getting the game off the ground.

GTArcade.com, which will host the browser mmo on its website, confirmed that the League of Angels closed beta and its official launch will make it this year.

The host website also revealed the key features that it hopes will set the mmo apart from the field.

As its name suggests, there will a legion of angels in the game, and players will be able to get to choose which angel they to take battle. Angels provide buffs, launch attacks, and supports a specific kind of team composition.

Each angel supports the party with various buffs and attacks, making them less a member of your party, and more of a honed weapon," said GTArcade.com.

"I really enjoy the fact that what angel I decide to use determines the rest of my formation. With the right angel, formation, and gear, weaker players can even take down stronger ones, said Remington Tramel, Operations Manager at GTArcade.com.

Tramel added while other browser mmorpg games gives more value in troop stacking -- wherein the player with the largest army generally wins a battle -- League of Angels places a higher premium in how well you use and build a fighting force around your angel.

League of Legends will modes for both PvE (solo dungeons, rouge-like random generated dungeons, multiplayer dungeons) and PvP (arena battles cross server battles).



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