Upcoming MMORTS Kingdom of Knights Takes to Kickstarter

By Josh Wirtanen
Kingdom of Knights Takes to Kickstarter

Kingdom of Knights is an upcoming castle-building MMORTS from the folks at Animus Interactive. It features a dark art style that fits its setting of "Avalon in ruins" quite well.

Here's a better description from the official press release: "Kingdom Of Knights plans to offer a unique mixture of siege warfare, castle-building, skirmishes and all-out warfare between the emerging Knights of Avalon."

One of the interesting things about this game is that, unlike most castle/city-building games, Kingdom of Knights features Heroes. The official Kickstarter page explains, "When it comes to battle, you have the option to join the battle as your hero. You will be immersed in battle in a first person display. You Fight along your troops to the drums of battle!"

The game is slated for a launch by the end of the year, but in order to cram in all the features the developers want to see in the game at launch, they're launching the Kingdom of Knights Kickstarter in hopes of raising $30,000. Those who fund the game will get in-game rewards such as banners, beta access, and diamonds, the game's currency.

Animus Interactive is pushing for launch by the end of the year. Kingdom of Knights will be a free to play mmo.

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