King of Fighters Online unveils 5 more characters

By Tam Mageean
king of fighters new characters

King of Fighters Online has been enjoying a successful beta phase, and has celebrated today by introducing 5 new characters to the upcoming MOBA. The new characters are; Kim Kaphwan, Choi Bounge, Ralf Jones, Billy Kane and Chang Koehan. These are all existing, and popular, characters from the King of Fighters series.

King of Fighters Online logo

The King of Fighters Online website has posted videos of their beautifully crafted animations and move-sets, but unfortunately gives nothing else away about this MMO crossover, except that more characters are on their way. What we know for sure is that the game isn't just looking like a cheap, cookie-cutter MOBA that's simply jumping on the band-wagon. The characters look well designed, finely tuned, and come with an array of explosive animations and strategic annotations. Features such as dashes, jumps and rolls also add an extra real-time twist to the MOBA, meaning it'll take quick thinking and fast-twitch reactions to stay ahead, rather than simply strategy and a solid game plan.

King of Fighters Online Kim

King of Fighters has been considered one of the more hardcore fighting games in its genre, created by the original design team for the ever popular Street Fighter franchise, and if they put in the same level of game design, (in particular, its character balancing) then SNK Playmore have a good chance of creating one of the more competitive MMO games on the market.

The beta has been running for 2 weeks so far, and will hopefully be publishing some in-game footage soon.



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