Jagged Alliance Online conquers Steam today

By Josh Wirtanen
jagged alliance online conquers steam

The newest iteration of Jagged Alliance Online has landed on Steam today, bringing turn-based, strategic modern combat to your PC.

If PvP is your wheelhouse, you can hop right in and enjoy the action for free. But for the full experience, you can download single-player campaign packs for $29.99 each. In fact, if you act quickly, you can pick those up on sale right now for $26.99.

Cliffhanger Productions Founder and Creative Director, Jan Wagner, explained the mentality behind this pricing model. "Obviously, the best opponent is another human, so to us PvP is the ultimate tactical challenge and a great addition to the traditional Jagged Alliance gameplay, and we offer that to everyone outright for free! But we also know that many fans of Jagged Alliance and turn-based strategy prefer the solo experience, so the Campaign Pack is there to provide a full-featured game with over 100 hours of  gameplay content at an excellent price – the same way the old turn-based games offered real game value for your money."

In addition, Cliffhanger Productions' press release promised "No premium currency, no useless cosmetic items to buy, no instant win mega-weapon." Obviously, they're trying to focus their energy on making the experience enjoyable for players rather than nickel-and-diming them with microstransactions, which is quite a respectable mindset. 




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