Jack Emmert to discuss how to avoid making pay-to-win MMOs

By Michael Jamias
jack emmert how to avoid pay to win

Cryptic Studios CEO Jack Emmert is in a sharing mood, offering to teach developers how to design a fun free to play mmo.

Often, developers make the mistake of creating a free to play mmo only to then load it up with awfully expensive microtransactions and paywalls. Worse, some developers fall into the trap of offering powerful items only to paying players, resulting in lopsided game balance and eventual doom for the title.

This is where Jack Emmert comes in to try and teach the young ones a thing or two about the fine art of monetization in his talk "How to Avoid Pay-to-Win with F2P" during next month's GDC Next to be held from November 5 to 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As a veteran maker of free to play rpg games online like Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, Emmert should have plenty of advice to dish out on how Cryptic manages to balance the need to rake in cash to keep the game afloat while also keeping game balance in check.

Developers eager to hear Emmert's insights -- as well as those of other eminent game developers in the GDC Next line-up -- can register for the conference here but be ready to cough up $795 per pass. That hefty entrance price could be worth it though if it can save up-and-coming developers from shooting themselves in the foot with disastrous pay to win schemes.



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