InSomnia to release late 2014

By Michael Jamias
insomnia late 2014 release

InSomnia, a real-time tactical online rpg set in a dystopian diesel-punk universe, debuts on the PC late next year.

Indie developer Studio MONO described its upcoming title as taking place in a "gargantuan, half-deserted space station" that is en route to a planet known as Evacuation Point.

Players will spend most of the game exploring the now rundown space station, interacting with the ragtag survivors, and unraveling mysteries that will help you figure out the events of centuries past and your current predicament.

That description is what we gathered from the developer brief, and it's intentionally mysterious. It seems to us that players will spend a lot of time trying to put pieces of the puzzle together and unraveling layers of truths not about the world and its reality.

The InSomnia teaser trailer below helps little in shedding light on the plot, but we do get a glimpse of the slowly disintegrating environments inside the space station.

Studio MONO said that InSomnia is decidedly "an alternative to big-budget, creatively superficial MMO Games" in that the characters will be complex and compelling, and will have access to a deep character advancement system. Fans can also look forward to innovative game mechanics that will set InSomnia apart from your usual dungeon crawler adventure.



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