Inferno Legend teaser trailer and website launched

By Michael Jamias
inferno legends teaser trailer website

Inferno Legend is a new mmorpg from Gamebox, the operator of two other browser games, Odin Quest and General War.

What do 23 seconds of video and a splash art-filled landing page tell us about this new game?

Well, the Inferno Legend teaser trailer begins by showing us a couple of concept art pieces for the game world. There are meteors falling from the sky and lava pits boiling over from underground. This tells us that some sort of fiery catastrophe is taking place.

Then we cut to a witch character wielding a scythe facing off against a winged dragon. The flash to a demonic-like figure (the horns and tail are a dead giveaway) smoldering in flames and erupting in a deep roar. Then the title screen: Inferno Legend with the demon's scary mug providing a visual accent.

The YouTube description describes Inferno Legend as a downloadable MMORPG "with a completely anti-traditional storyline" that lets you play a devil character.

"Living in the underground world, the player learns various and very interesting abilities (devil abilities are always more fun) and fight those humans of so-called justice," the description added. So we'll be playing to kill cute little goodie-goodie witches like those shown in the trailer? Hmmm, anti-traditional indeed.

Looking at the Inferno Legend official website, confirms that there was some misunderstanding between the press release people and those who made the trailer and website over the game's final Western release name.

Anyway, the website also reveals that Gamebox is planning to run Inferno Legend plus its other games on more platforms, notably on a micro-client and mobile platforms on top of the browser.

Fans are also encouraged to sign up and log in to Gamebox to earn points that can be redeemed when the server goes live.



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