Heva Clonia Online Travels to North America

By Josh Wirtanen
Heva Clonia Online Travels to North America

Heva Clonia Online, an anime-style MMORPG out of South Korea, will soon be seeing release on American shores. From developer WindySoft, who's slogan seems to be "together We Dream! together We HAPPY!" this stylish game is perhaps most interesting for its monster cloning and raising element.

The official press release brags about the players' "ability to create cute and distinctive clones from any of the in-game creatures they may come across throughout their journey. These clones become not only a player's pet, but their companion as well as they battle powerful monsters and complete challenging quests." It sounds a little bit Pokémon-ish, actually.

Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet, the company that's bringing the game to North Amerca, seems quite happy to be able to be a part of this. "We're very excited to be bringing Heva Clonia Online to North American gamers. With its whimsical style and engaging gameplay, HCO fits well into our portfolio of high-quality multiplayer online experiences."

WindySoft CEO Chil-hyun Baek is excited as well. "OGPlanet knows the North American online gaming market very well and has the perfect demographic for our title. We're pleased to be working with them to expand the audience for Heva Clonia Online."

A North American closed beta is planned for Fall, so those interested shouldn't have to wait too long before their raising clones and exploring this anime world for themselves.

Heva Clonia Online Travels to North America



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