Heva Clonia Online's North American Closed Beta Dated

By Josh Wirtanen
Heva Clonia Online's American Closed Beta Dated

We've already mentioned how Heva Clonia Online, the free-to-play pet-cloning/battling MMORPG from OGPlanet, was finally coming over to North American shores. Well, we've just received word that your first chance to hop in and take it for a test drive is coming very soon.

See, the first North American closed beta got dated, scheduled to run from September 19 through September 30.

Not sure what to expect from this title? Well, an official press release calls Heva Clonia Online a "cute and casual adventure MMORPG."

That description is admittedly a tad vague, so here's a more detailed one from that same press release to whet your appetite: "Heva Clonia Online provides non-stop action through various Quests & Episodes, including Co-Op Dungeons, Guild Battles and more. Collect cute and unique pets by cloning the monsters you come across in the game, and turn them into vital allies who aid you in battling powerful monsters or in testing your skills against other players in the Main Arena. Choose your class, evolve your powers, master your skills and visit various towns and worlds all while making new friends along the way in this exciting and fun-filled MMORPG."

If you're interested in signing up for the beta, you can head over to the official site and do that now.



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