Blizzard All-Stars becomes Heroes of The Storm

By Tam Mageean
heroes of the storm trailer

Almost 3 years since it was first revealed, Blizzard All-Stars has emerged from hibernation under a new guise as Heroes of the Storm.

MMO developer Blizzard first announced their intentions to make a MOBA when they presented a preview of a StarCraft mod back at BlizzCon 2010, and has pretty much stayed underground ever since. A few brief appearances here and there have indicated that Blizzards latest take on the RPG is looking promising, and making leaps and bounds in advancements. Back in 2010 it was known as "Blizzard DotA", then following a legal dispute that ended in 2012, the name changed formally to "Blizzard All-Stars" and not, following the launch of a micro-site and a YouTube video, has received it's third alter-ego; Heroes of the Storm.

Since there was no real reason for the name change this time around, it's looking like Blizzard All-Stars may have simply been a working title all along, and that this new change indicates that Blizzard may finally be ready to release their little monster into the wild. A trailer this close to BlizzCon screams of an imminent launch, and the BlizzCon Official Schedule has a "Heroes of the Storm Overview" penned in for 4.45pm PST on November 8th, with a "Deep Dive" look and the first ever Heroes of the Storm live matches from 12.30pm PST on the 9th.

Be sure to tune in to BlizzCon live on November 8-9 for the first look at a playable version of the fabled MOBA.



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