Heroes of the Storm may get another Alter-Ego

By Tam Mageean
heroes of the storm name

A week has passed since Blizzard's upcoming MMO went through its latest name change, and another hurdle has already appeared on the horizon. Last week, we posted an article about the evolution of the seemingly doomed MOBA's title. In short; Heroes of the Storm has evolved from its 2010 title of "Blizzard DotA", to 2012's "Blizzard All-Stars", and now, it has a 2013 title; Heroes of the Storm...but that may be subject to change.

Myrskyn Sankarit is a pen and paper table-top RPG from Finland. Known for its early crowdfunding success, the game has gone on to be sold all over the world, in both Finnish and English, with multiple chapters already in production. As far as modern table-top gaming goes, it's very much an established, and complete package.

"What does this have to do with Heroes of the Storm?" you ask. Well, Myrskyn Sankarit's designer Mike Pohjola already holds some trademarks and rights for the "Heroes of the Storm"...since that's exactly what Myrskyn Sankarit translates to in English, and the English version of the board-game has already been proudly sporting the title for some time.

Heroes of the Storm banner

WoW Insider has hinted on their fan-site that Pohjola has already expressed his concern with Blizzard All-Stars' latest title, and has politely suggested that they change it.

Looking deeper into the trademark issue; it seems pretty clear that Blizzard, for the most part, could stand firm and keep the name, but Heroes of the Storm may need a forth title in Finland, there the rights are currently held by Pohjola, and the precedent there could be enough to knock the game's name back onto the drawing board.

What could they possibly call it next?



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