Heroes and Villains begins to take shape

By Tam Mageean
heroes and villains update

You'd better dry-clean your super-suit and polish your utility belt! Heroes and Villains updates have been pouring onto the upcoming MMOs newsfeed over the past few days, revealing everything from screenshots, to concept art, to HUD structure. Heroes and Villains is set to be the "spiritual successor" to the original superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes.

City of Heroes, developed by the superstudio, NCSoft, was hit with a waterfall of praise upon its launch in late 2004 and lasted an impressive 9 years on the MMO circuit. Thousands upon thousands of digital damsels in distress were rescued in the process and arguably the game acted as the catalyst that inspired the likes of Marvel Heroes and DC Universe Online.

It's been a year, almost to the day, since City of Heroes shut down, and its upcoming younger brother is looking pretty promising. Snippets of the game's character creation reveal to us that there'll be three alignments to choose from; Hero Villain and Mercenary, granting you the ability to truly answer the question "If you had superpowers, would you use them for good, or for evil?"

A host of screenshots and concept art have also been made available, and show the heroic MMO to be a colorful, visually striking smorgasbord of shiny spacestations, neon cityscapes and fearsome super-avatars. Check out the Plan Z update page for the full digital tour.



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