KOG reveals new MMO - Hero

By Tam Mageean
hero reveal

Korean developer KOG have revealed the latest MMO to add to their repertoire, Hero: Fighters Club. Not to be mistaken with Chinese MMORPG, Hero Online, this Korean neo-futuristic creation almost appears to be a full blooded fighter at first glance.

KOG are known for their innovative fighting mechanics, and are the proud parents of the side-scrolling, combo-busting MMO, Elsword, and Hero's unofficial prequel; Fighters Club. Their games take pride in breaking the traditional battle formats set out by other RPG's and instead lean towards execution-based combat, similar to that of a fighting game or a beat-em-up.

Hero is set to feature a variety of different play-styles within one common mode, meaning you can seamlessly transfer between PvP, PvE, Dungeon Crawling and Base Defense all in one sitting.

With its crisp neon design, the cold clinical metropolitan backdrop and the vibrant, color-clashing heroes, it screams dieselpunk, but has an awesome futuristic edge.

Hero Screenshot

Set in a Tron-like dystopia, Hero has a wide selection of protagonists who team up to take on immense cyber-behemoths and their armies of minions. The heroes appear to be battle-hardened versions of the main characters from the original Fighters club, which hopefully means the same level of character customization will be included in its spiritual successor.

The beta has been slated for launch at the end of the month, on October 31st.



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