H1Z1 revealed as a persistent zombie survival MMO

By Michael Jamias
h1z1 zombie survival mmo

It's been a hectic day for H1Z1 fans with the flurry of game detail reveals for the zombie survival mmo (which also now has an official teaser site with the fog-filled image below asking a simple question: "Will you survive?")

H1Z1 homepage teaser screenshot

SOE president John Smedley revealed via Reddit that H1Z1 is "a massively multiplayer game in which players fight for survival in a world where death is the only sure thing." It will be a free to play mmo with Early Access launching in as early as four weeks' time.

The H1Z1 reveal points to a fairly formulaic post-apocalyptic rpg origin story: The H1Z1 virus has pretty much converted the majority the human population into zombies called "Infected", and the remaining survivors fight tooth and nail to avoid complete annihilation from Infected attacks, as well as dangers posed by the wilderness and other cutthroat survivors.

But Smedley said that H1Z1 will veer away from the standard zombie mmo gameplay by focusing on delivering sandbox features. Players can band together to form fortresses, and will be given a lot of tools to build the world again from the desolate ravages of the virus. He said there will be a lot of "ownership" to what you have created due to the persistent game world where what you create can last a lifetime -- if you protect it well enough from the destructive elements and rampaging baddies.

Players will be able to coordinate and cooperate using a plethora of social features such as grouping, voice chat, among others, to erect permanent communities and bases that actually shape the shared game world as opposed to merely instanced hovels.

H1Z1 will also cater to a lot of different playstyles. "We’re going to make sure your zombie apocalypse fantasy is complete," reassures Smedley, whether that involves just living as a simple farmer or a rabid Infected hunter that makes the world a better place one slain zombie at a time.



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