GTA Online gameplay video and previews out on Aug 15

By Michael Jamias
gta online gameplay video previews

Rockstar Games ends the exciting wait and will be dropping the first-ever GTA Online gameplay video and previews.

This Thursday, August 15, the world will finally get a glimpse of GTA Online in action as well as the initial press previews that have so far been kept under tight wraps.

The upcoming showcase should finally confirm whether GTA Online (or Grand Theft Auto Online in long form) will simply fuction as the multiplayer extension of GTA V, or if it will offer something beyond multiplayer akin to an mmorpg, which will be an exciting progression for the popular open world crime-dime-and-race series.

Speculation has been brewing what new features GTA Online will introduce to the franchise since last July when it was initially teased. Some predict that the GTA Online world will be notably populated and lively, and environments will offer more customization and interaction for players than the previous installments. The possibility of more group activities such as all-player heists could be coming in GTA Online.

The gameplay video and first press previews will be released simultaneously at the Newswire and at the official GTA Online website on August 15 but no time has been indicated so fans will want to be glued to either site during the day.




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