Trade and tussle for maritime supremacy in Grand Voyage

By Michael Jamias
grand voyage revealed

Travel back and experience the cutthroat maritime days of old in the freshly unwrapped Grand Voyage mmorpg.

This free no download mmorpg from NGames promises 16th century sailing, port trading, profit masterminding and sea battling galore.

We imagine half of Grand Voyage's appeal will be for history buffs who want to get to know the intricate politics and customs that were in vogue during the earliest days of global trade.

The other half consists of the simple allure of playing captain. Players will take on the well-worn boots of a fleet captain who make their obscene wealth trading goods from port to port, said NGames.

Grand Voyage will use so-called stock-style trading system that adapts to the actions and decisions of the player. Prices of goods also swing up and down based on trading activities made throughout the server, so fans will have to use their knowledge of demand economics to squeeze out the most profit from each trade.

If coin counting is not your idea of a great game, Grand Voyage at least offers exciting sea battles to encourage you to at least learn the basics of profit making. You will need gold to repair your ships after exciting cross-server sea battles, and will be at risk from attacks from other captains jealous of your lucrative trade route.

Thankfully you'll have the option to form alliances to keep you safe, as well as keep you company from the often lonely travels across the high seas.



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