Godus Beta gets an update

By Tam Mageean
godus beta update

Peter Molyneux has launched a beta update for his upcoming MMO God game, Godus. Fans of the old classic, Black and White will be happy to see that this apple hasn't fell too far from the tree, and even has some cool new features such as God vs God multi-player 'smart sculpting' and new God powers such as "Finger of God". World sculpting has seen huge advances in this update. It promises to be jaw droppingly gorgeous and feature special rewards; keep an eye out for buried treasure!

godus island

The update itself is mostly a polish; with some of the more arduous tasks, like gathering belief and items, being reduced to automated tasks and 90% of the sculpting features perfected. New resource cards and god cards have been added and overall settlement footprints have been reduced by increasing the follower capacity of many of Godus' buildings.

Molyneux has described the game as an "insanely ambitious massively multi-player EVE-Online-inspired god game social experiment" and hopes to see worlds collide with as much chaos as possible, rather than following the MMORPG standard format of everybody getting along and team up to be more powerful. Instead, he hopes players will reap power themselves and battle each-other to gain more, and is balancing the game in such a way that its easier to choose the aggressive path, rather than the passive. The patch mirrors this; by making battle maps more fluent and granting more power to Finger of God; your primary tool, when smiting a rival God's followers.

Godus disaster

For a limited time on steam; if you buy the Godus Beta key, you will receive any subsequent updates, plus the full game at launch, completely free!



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