Eight events lined up for Gods Rising's first server launch

By Michael Jamias
gods rising first server launch events

Scan through each event's objectives and rewards so you can pick and choose your favorites. Gods Rising is launching its first server on September 16 7:00 PM PDT, and developer PopPace plans to keep new players busy with a variety of PvE and PvP events.

Power levelers can choose to participate in the Race to victory event, where the top 3 fastest levelers will receive prizes for their speedy ascent. There's also an event for the fastest instance finishers in the 2D sidescroller browser mmo. The top 3 players who lead the instance completion race get to bring home the extra rewards.

Players who consistently log into Gods Rising will also be rewarded through the Longer Online Time, More Gifts and Daily Treasures events. The former increases the number of rewards given to a player the longer he or she plays Gods Rising in a day, while the latter bestows big rewards for players who manage to log into Gods Rising for 5 straight days.

PvP fans, you also get some loving. The Masters of the Arena event promises the top 10 players in the ladder rankings some sweet Silver and Soul Crystal reward packs.

Social butterflies can found their own legions with their mmo friends, and hope to qualify for the Legend of Legions event reward. All it takes is for the legion to reach level 2 by the end of the event, and each legion stands to grab extra Silver, Treasure Maps and Divine Beast Cultivation Liquid items, with the share apportioned based on legion position.

The final two events revolve around Gold purchases, so cash-spending whales listen up. Purchasing any Gold unlocks the First Recharge Pack event rewards, which includes a rare Orange Hero Card, Sarcophix, Orange Weapon, 200K Silver, 40 Vigor and 100 Reputation. Buying progressively more Gold can qualify big spenders for VIP privileges as well as transmuting materials.

See you at the Gods Rising first server launch!



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