Square Enix and gloops reveal Glorious Blades: The Princess of Fate and the 8 Warriors

By Tam Mageean
glorious blades reveal

Earlier this week, Square Enix and gloops announced their partnership, without stating why or what they'd be working on. Rumors quickly spread like wildfire with everything from a Final Fantasy 8: Triple Triad CCG spinoff, to a Rise of Mana mobile game being speculated. One thing was fpor sure though, we'd find out more on January 8th. For Final Fantasy and Japanese RPG fans, this week has felt like a month, but at long last, the teaser microsite has morphed.

What was initially teased as "Destiny VIII" has now remolded itself as "Glorious Blades: The Princess of Fate and the 8 Warriors".

The title is set for Mobage, a social platform that typically caters for iOS and Android devices, so what we're expecting to see, is a very highly polished, mobile-based mmorpg from 2 very experienced developers in this fields. Square Enix have recently proven themselves more than formidable with their Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III smart device ports, and gloops have been making successful, social, browser based games since the dawn of the platform.

Takashi Tokita and Toshiyuki Itahana; 2 veteran mobile games developers have been rumored on the team already. It's looking incredibly Square Enix-like, but it would appear to be an entirely new franchise for both companies, despite a lot of familiar themes.



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