New MOBA announced - Games of Glory

By Tam Mageean
games of glory announced

There was a time, not so long ago, when picking between MOBA games was like choosing your first companion in Pokémon. You could choose between 3, fundamentally similar games, each tilted one way or another, in order to differentiate them from the others. If you wanted a heavily populated, high action MOBA, you had League of Legends, for flashy, technical gameplay, you had DotA 2, and for bricks-and-mortar, no nonsense, battle rpg goodness, you had Heroes of Newerth.

These days it seems, picking from this corner of the mmo market isn't so simple, as more and more MOBA themed games line up, to have their say at the gaming pulpit.

Today is no different, and witnessed the birth of another new MOBA: Games of Glory.

The developers at Lightbulb Crew class their upcoming title as a sci-fi MOBA-crossover, which separates itself from the pack by focusing on universal eSports playability. Their desire it to take eSports gaming out of the hands of the usual suspects, and "democratize" the experience, so everyone can take part. They don't go into much further detail about this yet, but presumably this means that the game will come pre-packed with some sort of amateur league structure, so casual gamers can experience all the joys of top level eSports rivalry, from the comfort of their home desktop.

Games of Glory screenshot

Judging by the early info on the Games of Glory official website, this isn't a simple, cookie-cutter, lanes-and-towers setup either, and kinks more towards a base-defense format; something typically found in a mmorts game.

It certainly has a lot of new MOBA experiences to offer, but will it be enough to get them to the head of the ever-growing MOBA craze? Let us know you thoughts in the comments section below.



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