Galactic Civilizations 3 pre-orders begin

By Michael Jamias
galactic civilizations 3 preorder start

Head to and be one of the first to reserve a copy of Galactic Civilizations 3.

This third and newest installment to the Galactic Civilizations strategy rpg series can be pre-ordered in two editions.

There's Founder's Edition which gives you beta access, a special forum badge and is discounted for pre-order buyers at $39.99, or $10 cheaper than if you purchase it later on at normal price.

Or you can splurge on the $99.99 Founder's Elite Edition that gives you everything in the Founder's Edition, plus all future DLC and expansions free -- a sure bargain if you're a certified fan that plans to play the game for years to come. You'll also get a shout-out in the game credits and have a star appear in your name in-game.

Not sure if you're up for yet another interstellar strategy romp? Maybe this Galactic Civilizations 3 trailer might help sway your mind:

The pre-order announcement for Galactic Civilizations comes at a very special moment for Stardock Corporation, the company who made the series, which just turned 20.

Galactic Civilizations 3 will be released exclusively to 64-bit PCs at a still-announced date.

Derek Paxton, vice president of Stardock Entertainment said the 64-bit architecture and technology "allows players to experience a level of graphical detail and on-screen activity unprecedented in large-scale strategy PC games. It dramatically increases the size and scope of the maps, opens the door for modders to add a virtually unlimited amount of new content to the game.

Given this explanation, strategy MMORPG fans can look forward to more dynamic visuals and more customization options in Galactic Civilizations 3 than its predecessor.



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